Meeting Reminder - Tomorrow 5:30PM

January 18, 2022

Hello Friends!

As a reminder, we have the Community Meeting tomorrow (Wed 1/19) via Zoom at 5:30PM.

ALL Important Details:

Electronic Ballot and Survey Form: [Click the link - opens new window]

[No longer valid]

January 19th Meeting Link

Meeting ID: xxxxxxx


To post a question, click HERE and ask your question OR vote other neighbors questions "up" - the more interest on any given question, the more time we spend on that topic.


1) Call to order

2) Announce the election results

3) Close formal meeting (end of formal board items)

4) Open discussion on survey (Fireworks and Board sentiment)

5) Open discussion from Slido

6) Any open questions offered at meeting

7) End

Additional Notes:

The ballot itself contains one name - Steve Frampton - so it is really simple if you have not already clicked that link (

This form also has a few survey questions for you to continue sharing your feedback with the board. Not surprisingly, the main item is around Fireworks. When should the board mark times as "OK" for Fireworks in Saratoga Hills. Hays county has a relatively wide window where our county allows fireworks. Ours cannot be broader than what is legal in Hays county. With that in mind, the options offered all fall within the Hays Count approve dates and times.

Here is what the survey reveals so far:

On the "What days..." question, when you select ALL that you would support, you see that 4th of July and New Years have pretty clear interest among neighbors who shared their view. Christmas Day is at 58%.

Please do take the time and share your feedback as we have 48 households sharing so far.  

On the "What Hours..." question,

Feedback shows that on days where Fireworks are desired, the hours should start at 7PM (or dusk) and End at Midnight. The board will have to discuss how best to use this feedback, but one might assume that if you are in the 17% that want the end to be 11PM, you would rather have Midnight than 1PM so we could add the 17% to the 27.7% and we now have 44% that want and End time by Midnight at latest. Only 21.3% want max hours. As you share your view here, it is important to select ALL that you support. We will discuss this at the meeting along with the 3 questions submitted on Slido so far as well. (Slido link above)

If you don't wish to attend, you don't need to but looking forward to seeing you tomorrow if you do!



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