Fall Meeting Summary (2021)

October 7, 2021

Thank you all who attended, voted, and engaged! I am personally energized by the positivity and energy this community has as we grow. Thank you for sharing your votes and input through polls and questions as we guide the community past Developer stage into what we want it to be.

Here is the recording LINK

Passcode: TGfF^7Wz

A few notes summarizing the meeting:

All four proposed changes received the needed votes to pass as official changes to our CCRs.

  • Item 1: Change the definition of "visible" to add a 15' distance from fence specification as we apply that word "visible" to various parts of the CCRs.
  • Item 2: Remove developer authorized signs for builders from the CCR's
  • Item 3: Clarify that the open spaces are now managed by the Board vs the Developer
  • Item 4: Fireworks and Fire Pits are now allowed. Fireworks though are permitted at the times and dates posted by the Board (which will be reasonable holidays where fireworks are sold and reasonable hours). This last change should be a healthy compromise for neighbors who want to blow stuff up and neighbors with dogs that are shaken by the bangs.

Budgeting: For 2022 dues, due in January, please expect an increase of $100 for a total of $700 annual dues. We do not do this lightly but must prepare ahead of time for roads issues. This change will allow us to set aside up to $30K in the coming 4 years while planning for $10-$15K annually in repairs.

Reserves: There was a question on any reserve study. While practical in many situations, spending money on a reserve study in our case would only reveal that we have the Gate, Irrigation, and roads to be concerned with. The Gate has new motors, we have a new irrigation controller, and we need a roads specialist to come look at the roads which we will pursue.

As Fire Pits are now approved, as always, if you are building something please submit to the ACC. Use your best judgement.  The ACC will publish a blanket approval standard shortly.

Reminder on the ACC process: Use the website and look under Frequent Questions. Also available under HOA documents. There is a simple form to list your improvement along with any other requirements. Simply send the form completed to the board email and we will route to the ACC.

Trash Days: A lot of interest in getting the community to a single trash day to reduce heavy truck traffic. We have a local resident - the Hee Family - who are with Waste Connections and have offered all residents a great deal on trash service here. You are not required to change and no, I am not paid to promote :) This is in response to the common question on limiting trucks. Switching can be a pain - I get it - new cans and calling to cancel the old etc. We did it after some hesitation (its easier just to ignore) but now pay less monthly than before and have had great service. Trash days are Thursday for them. If you are interested, call  (512) 282-3508 and tell them you live in Saratoga Hills.

Common Issues we are seeing and Helpful Info:

  1. Trash Can screening - please make an effort to hide your trash cans out of sight on non-trash days.
  2. Overnight Parking - Per CCRs please no overnight parking in streets.
  3. Short Term Rentals - Anything under 6 months is not permitted.
  4. General Stance on "Violations" - The Board is not acting as a "police" force patrolling the neighborhood. If something is bothering you and it cannot be resolved with a neighbor, just email us. We will help. We need communication back from the community on issues you see - please don't wait several months and only let us know right at the next meeting.
  5. Fine Policy Updates - See the prior Blog post on the Fine updates particularly around Fireworks outside of approved hours and Dogs.
  6. Website: Please make sure you are registered at www.saratogahillsaustin.com as all communication of importance starts here.

Community Clean Up Day is this Saturday at 9AM at the Park. See prior Blog post.

Gate: We have a Knox Box at the gate for EMS and Fire to gain easy access in case of emergency. I am verifying/triple checking that the quality check was performed by the Fire Marshal recently and will follow up shortly.

Lastly, we went over a number of Slido questions and had some good discussion on trash and other topics.

Oct 2021 Community Meeting Deck
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