Changes to our Property Management Co.

April 18, 2022

Hello Neighbors!

This is an important update regarding all things HOA - please read and take action.

In reviewing the needs of our HOA as well as the work being done to date by First Service Residential, we have decided to make a change and eliminate our contract with First Service.  We are transitioning to self-managed software called “Pay HOA.” With this all-inclusive software we will be able to provide better communication around account status, easier payments, surveys, and monthly accounting all while saving our HOA approximately $10-12K annually.

Action Requested: Please visit this link and sign-up for your individual Homeowner account on our portal.

By creating your own account you will be able to make payments easily, request approvals for modifications, review communications sent to you or broadly, and update your contact information as needed.

We will be sending this via physical mail, email, and posting on the Website and Facebook. Due to the imperfections of both the humans running this and the technology, you are likely to see this multiple times. Please forgive the repetition. Thank you for your patience as we transition.
The First Service team including Kyra will redirect any requests to our Board email, so from this point forward please use the email below (or website) for all Board communications.

Why Change?

  1. We are now paying ~$14K annually for property management services and that is simply too expensive for what we receive.
  2. As many of you experienced in the recent dues process, the payment portal and dues letters were a bit of a mess. From the timing of the letters to the very limited functionality of the payment portal, in the year 2022 we can do much better.
  3. Our needs are relatively simple and with the volunteer board members today we can deliver better, more accurate and timely service using simple software while saving money for more important needs.

What about the website?

We will continue maintaining our community website at and upgrading its organization in the near term making it seamless with the new portal.

Who do I contact with any issues?

See the website at for frequent questions or if you cannot find the answer there, email

I owe dues or a fine, where do I pay now?

Please register for your account with the link above and use the PayHOA software to make a payment as needed. Balances will be updated within two weeks once we have everyone registered.


Your Board

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