Budget Approval for 2022

December 3, 2021

Good Morning Neighbors!

As we are looking to close out the year and looking ahead to 2022, one item the board did not "formally" do at the last meeting was make a formal motion to approve the budget we shared with the neighborhood. For reference you can see the summary of the last meeting here in the blog which has the info. Our budget for next year will be $110,600 which includes setting aside the planned additional amount in reserves. Other than that change (made possible by the $100 dues increase), not much is changing as we don't have that complex an operation here. Nonetheless, by Texas Law enacted September 1, we must publish a formal notice that the board will meet to motion and approve the 2022 budget on Wednesday, Dec 15th at 4:30PM. We plan for this to be roughly a 5 minute meeting to meet state requirements of having such a meeting in a pre-noticed fashion (don't you wish you were on the board for fun stuff like this?).

The Zoom link is HERE (again as required). No additional reminders will be sent as again, this is just the formal requirement for an otherwise dull event.

Q: Should you attend? Do you have to attend?

A: Quick answer: No. But you are of course welcome to attend. It will be a very boring and quick ~5 minutes. Discussion for this was intended for the meeting in October which we had, we just failed to make the formal motion for approval so in order to be in compliance with state law we need to do this.

Q: If I don't like the budget for some reason can I attend and vote against?

A: You can attend, but there is no voting. That's not because we don't love you and value your input, rather it's because we shared the budget summary at last meeting and we all had a nice discussion around the focus areas of the HOA. You can ALWAYS email us at saratogahillsaustin@gmail.com with ideas or issues.

Q: When is the next time we will get input on neighborhood activities and such?

A: You can always email but we plan for an all neighborhood meeting early in the 2022 year where one of the 3 board seats will be up for re-election.

Note for new neighbors in the last few months:

First - Welcome! If you have questions about forms or the gate or rules etc etc... check out the website www.saratogahillsaustin.com and look at the top for "SiteInfo" - I have relocated a bunch of quick links there - particularly "Frequent Questions" and "ACC Requests."

Thanks all and Happy Holidays!

Justin, Casey, Katrina

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