February 4, 2023


Update: Brush Pickup/Chipping/What's Happening

Wanted to get a quick message out for everyone to know what the current plan is regarding brush pickup. Keeping in mind it is evolving as we get more requests but here is the current state:

  • If you need help with cutting up some larger limbs or hauling branches to the street
  • If you want brush picked up from your street
  • If you are available to help this weekend whether or not you have a truck, trailer, or chainsaw

Steve has created a shared sheet online HERE - The sheet has two tabs:

1) A tab for volunteers - you can share your availability and whether you have a chainsaw, truck or trailer (but again, if you can just come out and join the group)

2) A tab for those who want help either with pickup or some cutting. You can put your limbs by the street and we will pick up as quickly as we can to take to the park.

There is a crew of volunteers with trucks, trailers, and chainsaws spending the day today going around the neighborhood cutting and hauling. Another crew will be out and around tomorrow. If you are free to either haul brush or cut things up, please come out to join. Steve will be in a gray Ford Raptor with trailer if you want to ask for direction on where you may be needed most. Otherwise, come cut up brush and help load or unload trailers.

Then What? Where is all this going?

We are on a wait list at the rental place for a 12" chipper. It could be tomorrow or it could be in several weeks. They are not sure. We were # 12 as of a couple of days ago as we contacted them pretty early on. At the moment all brush is being placed at the park and we will put the chipper there and run through all brush as fast as possible when we get the chipper. It's a lot so may take a few days.


The chainsaw crew is just a bunch of neighbors volunteering. We will do our very best to get through everything. Some limbs or jobs may be too big or dangerous to complete either this weekend or in some rare cases with giant limbs at all. We will do our very best. Thank you for your patience.

Any questions, please email the board email saratogahillsaustin@gmail.com.



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