August 15, 2022


Entry Gate Accident

Yesterday evening between 6:30 and 7:30 PM someone hit the entry gate with a vehicle.  The gate was slightly bent, pushed off the tracks, and bent some of the motor brackets that make the gate work.  Thanks to a number of neighbors, it was put back on track and moved to the open position so we can continue to access our community.  Shortly after the accident we got reports about it possibly being a Black Chrysler 300M.  Doing our due diligence, we have taken the verbal reports of the Black Chrysler 300M and correlated the timing and description with video we received today from our community.  Around 6:50 PM yesterday, we have multiple videos of a Black Chrysler 300M turning right on Smarty Jones, they stop, get out of the car, walk around vehicle and assess the entire car.  You can visibly see the damage to the vehicle that is possibly from the gate in the video.  There were a handful of small car parts left at the gate that at surface inspection could match the vehicle.  They get back in the car, turn around on Smarty Jones, come back to Gato, and take a right to head further into the community. This vehicle has been seen a number of times in the community, so it is either a contractor, a resident, or a friend of someone in the community.  I share this as our only legitimate lead and not as fault.  No one is in any trouble, but we would like to connect and sort out insurance information to get the gate fixed for the community.  If you know the driver or vehicle, please have them reach out to the HOA board on PayHOA or email so we can discuss the video.  We don't want to place any blame until we talk with everyone involved but wanted to reach out to see if we could get more information from the community on this information.  Thanks to everyone for your help on this so far.

The Saratoga Hills HOA Board

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