August 7, 2023


Community Update - August

Greetings Neighbors!

We wanted to send an update on a few important items as we head into the fall.

  1. Special Assessments: We covered the special assessment related to winter storm cleanup ($116), legal fees ($50), and property management ($39) in our July meeting (total assessment $205). We have just over 70 invoices outstanding - due by August 31. Invoices were emailed, as well as mailed. You will receive a separate email reminder if you have not already.
  2. Save the Date: We are working to organize a community meet & greet at the park on Sunday, October 8th at 4PM. More details to follow!
  3. Roads Committee: Following our discussion on roads at the July meeting, we’re putting together a small committee to help dig in a bit further here and look quickly at our options; including an engineering study, a review of the sealant proposal, or other recommendations. We have a couple of volunteers already. If you feel you have some skills to offer here, please let us know by emailing
  4. Updated Website:  We have updated the website at in order to give you a better experience (completed by volunteers, no HOA funds spent on web design). The refresh can be more easily searched and is better organized to give you access to all the information you could want and more. To keep our information accessible by community members only, you’ll need to complete your account by clicking on the email and simply selecting a password. You’ll receive an email momentarily (using the email address in PayHOA). If you do not receive the email, simply SIGN UP on the home page - see the red sign up button at the bottom. Check your spam folder for any HOA email that may have ended up there.
  5. Next Update: July has been slower, due to vacations, but we will be making progress with the Advisory Committee on the discussion around property management as we end the summer, as well as next steps on roads with the Roads Committee. More to come as we get into the fall.

See you soon!

Steve, Lorna, and Justin

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