May 25, 2023


Board Update 5.25.23

Good Morning Neighbors!

A quick update on the current process and situation:

We had an initial meeting with a law firm that has deep specialization in HOA operations, Boards and the applicable law. While it was an “overview” meeting and we will have a follow up next week to further dig into some of the main issues of which we are being accused, we were heartened by the initial opinion that we were very much on the right track here. Counsel did advise that it is in our community’s best interest if we take a bit more time than a June 1 meeting would allow in pursuing this CCR change. As such we are putting that meeting on hold until further notice. Many of you have expressed that the date was not optimal anyway due to the beginning of summer travel. In the meantime, our current CCRs remain in place and to reiterate, the Board’s interpretation (now validated by professional advice) remains that work from home is not at all of concern, while businesses that drive traffic into the neighborhood from outside run afoul of Section 4.04. As we have before though, the board only responds to complaints on this and does not now - nor have we ever - tried to inspect neighbors proactively for this. If you have an issue (and hopefully have connected with your neighbor on it), the board is ready to help.

That said, we are committed to meeting and as always are committed to listening and acting for the good of the overall community. We will continue gathering feedback on what is important to you, will get a survey in place to narrow down specific issues, and then will work with the attorneys on language that works to accomplish the goals set out by your feedback. That process will necessarily take a bit more time than is available before the end of next week.

So far we have received over 20 unique emails expressing various opinions, from a handful that seem to share the same sentiment of allowing a wide range of businesses to be operated, to a broader range that supports small and less noticeable inside-the-home businesses but not those that drive additional traffic. ALL feedback is welcome. In the end, there are 154 votes and board members each are 1/154. A change will take 104 votes.

As a reminder, for those on FaceBook, the new official Saratoga Hills HOA Facebook groups is:

Email will remain the primary channel for communications as many are not on Facebook, but the Board will be more active in this new group.

We appreciate your support!

Steve & Justin

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