Important Site Information

Welcome to Saratoga Hills in Austin, TX!


This site is maintained by volunteers as part of the Homeowner's Association. This is not a corporate site. It is for homeowners by homeowners. In order to help with a bit of orientation, we have included the below set of links. Most of these included links are to pages that are located in the members-only section. If you have not yet joined the site and created your account, you will need to do so - look in the upper right area and sign in or sign up. 


News Posts

The "Blog" or News Posts is just a collection of community messages about important things like meetings, the gate, or community cleanups. It is not your typical opinion blog or new blog. As long as you have notifications turned on for Blog posts, you will receive an email anytime something new is posted. There are only a few of us who can post so it eliminates spam.  In the dropdown under your username in the top right, select "Settings" - you can make sure you are subscribed to the Blog Posts. You can also turn off any unwanted notifications like comments etc. 

Payments and Account Status

For all payment and status related issues, see our resident portal called "PayHOA" - you can register HERE if you have not already. 

Frequent Questions - Start here. How do you get a gate code? A clicker? What is the generic gate code? Is there a Facebook Site for the community? Etc etc. It is all here. 

ACC Requests - ACC is "Architectural Control Committee" - If you are adding to your property externally, building a pool, etc, see this page. 

HOA Documents - Want to find our CCR's? Bylaws? Other documents governing the community? Go here. 

Meeting Presentations

January 19, 2022: Meeting Presentation Deck