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Dog Variance Request

As you likely know, our CCR's contain restrictions pertaining to animals even on individual homeowner lots. Given the desire to remain flexible for our neighbors while recognizing the importance of following our CCR's, the Board is providing a variance form here to provide variances for up to 4 dogs per lot (instead of the 2 as written in the CCR's). Please fill out the below form and you will receive an email shortly. 

Barking dogs especially those that repeatedly bark or are particularly active early or late are among the top complaints in our neighborhood. By filling out the below, you acknowledge that "Dog barking" falls under Section 3.02 Obnoxious Activities and is an offense for which no "cure period" is to be offered. After the first warning, fines will occur according to the published fine schedule which means up to $125 per repeat occurrence within any 6 month period. Per Texas Property Code Section 209, uncurable offenses do not warrant a board hearing for appeal. Under no circumstances will the Board approve a variance for more than 4 dogs and more than 4 dogs being kept will result in escalating fines in order to deter such activity.

Submissions after January 1, 2021 will require a $250 variance fee.

Dog Variance Form

Thanks for submitting!

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