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HOA Board Members

President: Justin Jackson (Term ends Jan 2025) 

Vice President/Treasurer: Steve Frampton (Term ends Jan 2024)

Secretary: TBD (Term ends Jan 2025)

HOA Governing & Key Documents

These are the governing documents of the Saratoga Hills HOA

Important Information:

  • Annual dues are $700 payable January 15th each year

  • Transfer fee is required and spelled out in FAQs.

  • We are self-managed by the volunteer board (no formal property management company)

  • Contact - Use the form on the home page

  • CCR's contain important restrictions that should be reviewed including ACC requirements for approvals on builds and additions to the property, number of pets, fireworks, outdoor burning, dark sky related additions to lights, permitted signs, and many others.

  • To request a Transfer Certificate for closing, please email us or fill out the form on the home page and specify Seller names, Buyer Names, Property and Estimated Closing date. 

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